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How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

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How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

  1. Download PBO View from this website: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1434 Scroll down to where it says "Download from FTP #1: " And click Pbo View directly underneath.
  2. Unzip the entire folder somewhere on your C drive. If you run into issues, I put everything in a folder on my desktop. (You will need a program like 7Zip to unzip any download. Google this or submit a ticket for help.)
  3. Log into TC Admin. Click the "File Manager" button. Open the "MP Missions" folder. Inside are all of your server's mission files.
  4. If you are playing Chernarus, you want to match your instance ID for example dayz_1500.chernarus.pbo.
    STEPS 5 and 6 are only required if you do not know what your instance ID is.
  5. To find your instance ID please open a new window and go to TC Admin. Do not exit the file manager window.
  6. Click "Configuration Files" - from the TC Admin game service page. Then, In the row for Bliss\beserver.cfg, click "Configuration Editor" Your instance ID is at the bottom.
  7. Go back to the File Manager from step 3 above. Click the Globe (Download) button to the right. Save it to your desktop.
  8. Run PBO View from step one. Press the unpack button to the right and choose the mission file located on your desktop.
  9. This will create a new folder on your desktop with the unpacked mission files.
  10. Make any changes you need. Press the Pack button on PBO view and navigate to the folder you modified to pack the new mission. This will dump the new mission file on your desktop. Delete the one that ends with .bak
  11. In the File manager of TC Admin, Rename your old mission file to something like "OLDdayz_1500.chernarus" or delete it if you do not need it.
  12. Then press the upload button to upload the new mission on your desktop and you are done!

This next guide will allow you to make your own custom loading screen when you load into the server.
  1. Open your description.ext file inside your unpacked mission folder.
  2. Edit the "loadScreen = "blah/blah/blah/dayz.paa" line to: "loadScreen ="yourImage.jpg"
  3. Save your new image in the same folder as description.ext
  4. Make sure the image name matches the name in the description.ext
  5. Pack up the mission file and upload to your server!

Guide written by: Chad
Survival Servers Co-Founder


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Re: How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

it only lets me view the files not edit.


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Re: How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

I follow the directions, however when I upload I keep getting just the .ini etc.. files (3) instead of a pbo even though I repacked exactly as I followed the instructions (I think). I also renamed the old pbo with a #1 after it. Once I do this my server sticks on the wait for host until a delete the three files and rename my pbo back to the original with no changes. Any thoughts? Please? :)


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Re: How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

Hi Everyone,

Great hosting and response time for all the headaches you go through :roll:

I have spent a week watching tutorials, video and reading a few dozen forums trying to make my first fort to add to my Chernarus map. I went into 3d editor put my little buildings and walls down hoping they are not banned items and saved as single player and mp. I use converter to change mission.sqm to 2d from 3d.
One thing is that my pbo has already some preadded forts from someone else so I already have merged mission.sqm but I don't have original 2d individual forts. How do I get into the ArmA 2 OE singleplayer editor so that I can load the map already running on my pbo so that I can merge my new addition to it and then repack it and upload to the server?

I did take original pbo unpack and convert to 2d but when I try to load the mission.sqm I get error "You cannot play/edit this mission file it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.dayz_anim, dayz_code, dayz community assets, dayz_weapons, dayz_equip, dayz_vehicles"

I also used dayz commander and changed my version of dayz to 1.73 to and added the -mod+@dayz path in target on ArmA oe beta start up icon with no luck.

Sorry for rambling but seems to me that somewhere there will be a reasonable step through for this probably simple procedure.

I also haven't found how to add another admin to my server even though I added his guid in everyspot I could find..... and expect I'm supposed to use the smaller set of numbers from profile edit not the long number but tried both and its not working. I know a ticket but this might be something for forum that will help others :mrgreen: Gramps


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Re: How to unpack, modify, and pack mission files.

hi im using the new admin pannel not the tc pannel where do i find my instance id?

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