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Arma 3 Game Server Order Details

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Pay $ one time then $ after that. Your next recurring payment would be due on


These upgrades are applied to your server instantly upon order.

Remove the "" text from your hostname and MOTD.


The mods in the box below are applied to your server manually within 48 hours upon order.

Future Mod Upgrades / Change Map Notice

The mods you order below apply to 1 map and 1 version only. If you wish to change maps or upgrade versions, please submit a support ticket and we can invoice you a 30% fee of the original mod install price to upgrade or change maps for you. Same 48 hour install time applies.

Can these be installed myself?

You can install these mods yourself if you follow the developers instructions. We do not limit you in any way. If you order a game server, you have complete control over it via FTP to upload the mods that you install on your own. Please note, we do not provide support for mod install related questions if you modded them on your own.

Mod you want not on the list?

Create a support ticket and we'll give you an installation quote!

Important disclaimer about the mod install service

This is strictly a paid install service for the time it takes to install the mods. We price according to the amount of time to install, with a minimum fee of $10.00 for any addon / mod. All credit for the creator of these mods goes to the developer.

Custom Loading Screen Image
512 x 256 Custom screen when loading into the server. Upload your image to and add the image link in the order notes.

EXILE: Ryan Zombies
Tanoa and altis only. Brings zombies to Exile.

EXILE: DMS Missions
Mission base system that spawns missions around the map that puts you up against AI military groups.

EXILE: DMS Missions + Occupation
Adds the DMS missions to your map along with roaming AI that roam around the cities much like the popular A2 mod.

EXILE: Status Bar
Adds a bar at the bottom of the play screen that shows various stats of your character and the server.

EXILE: Extended Base Mod
Brings more options to the current building system.

EXILE: ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points
Capture the point system that spawns bases around the map to which you are able to capture.

Pay $ one time then $ after that. Your next recurring payment would be due on


Pay with credit card or PayPal, don't forget to add some order notes if it applies to the custom mods you ordered!

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