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7D2D DarknessFalls Install

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Getting Darkness Falls Added to your server

For Darkness Falls install it is a bit tricky, if you are installing it on a private server that you are running.

You will need to go to this website and download the correct version that you wish to run.

A20 is the latest as of making this guide.
Download Darkness Falls

Survival Servers Install
  1. Head into the server panel and make sure your server is stopped
  2. Log into your FTP client. (Info here for FTP)
  3. Create a new directory called UserData and drag the Mods folder into it from your recent download.
    Overwrite any files as needed
  4. Look for the following line within the serverconfig.xml file: <property name="UserDataFolder" value="C:\sspanel\gameservers\sevendays\DIRID\"/>
  5. Change it to <property name="UserDataFolder" value="C:\sspanel\gameservers\sevendays\DIRID\UserData"/> (Note: DIRID will be your servers directory number which is listed in the xml file.)
  6. Head into the UserData\Mods\0-DarknessFallsCore\Worlds folder in your FTP client and copy the world name you wish to use.
  7. Head back to the serverconfig.xml file and change the <property name="GameWorld" value="DFalls-Small1-NoCP"/> to the world you wish to run.
  8. At the bottom of the serverconfig.xml file set the <property name="EACEnabled" value="false"/> line to false.
  9. Save the file and let it re upload back to the FTP client.
  10. Head back to your server panel and click the skip save config option at the top and than click the start button. This will make sure the xml file is not overwritten.
  11. Darkness falls is now installed on your server. It will take a little for the server to fully generate the data.

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