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ARK: Bugs and Glitches

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If you do not see your specific issue on this list. Please send a support ticket in from our website using the contact us area.

Items missing or vanished from your server?

Check to see if you are running the Structure Plus mod. If so this mod may of bugged out and caused issues with the data.

The fix for this is the following:

   Check the "Clean Mods Folder" check box on the control panel for your ARK (PC) game server
   Choose a date from the "Restore ARK Backup" that is 100% before you updated S+ mod (very important)
   Hit the Update & Save Settings button (it might take some time to reinstall all of your mods if you have a lot)

If you still don't see the structures, keep trying this method with different backups. Unfortunately, this is a known issue that the ARK developers need to address when it comes to updating Steam workshop mods.

Unable to find server in ark from the Epic store?

Check to see if you have crossplay enabled
   Head into your server panel and click on the Advanced Launch Params tool to the lower right area.
   Within that area at the very top make sure the crossplay buttons is enabled.
   If not check it and then click save at the bottom of the pop up window
Crossplay is enabled but can not find it in game
   Launch ARK in the Epic Store and head into the server browser area
   Let the list of servers boot up in the server listing area
   Make sure the filters are set accordingly and then enter your name into the search field
   Refresh the list a few times and it should show up

There is currently a bug with the Epic version of ARK where the list does not register correctly.


Server not showing in the Ark PS4 list?

  • When in the PS4 ark server list check the following items.
    • Make sure the filter is set to Unofficial PC Sessions
    • If you have a password set on the panel. Make sure the Show Password Protected box is checked
    • If the server still does not show. Make sure the server is fully up to date by checking the server panel

More coming soon....

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