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Hurtworld Admin Commands

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Running Server Commands

Press F1 to open the console in game or add them in your control panel under "Custom Launch Parameters" (Some commands may need to be ran in game).

Adding Admins

1. In your control panel, check the "Custom Launch Parameters" box .
2. Using, collect the required Steam 64 bit ID.
3. Using "addadmin <steam64id>", add the single or multiple Steam 64 bit IDs to the parameters line.

"Single Admin"
addadmin YOURSTEAM64ID

"Multiple Admins"


Admin Commands

Command Description
kill USE WITH CAUTION. Commit suicide.
itemlist List all items and their codes.
playerlootmode <value> Sets the player loot mode for the server.
Drop nothing ever (playerlootmode 0)
Drop backpack only (playerlootmode 1)
Drop backpack, and use infamy (playerlootmode 2)
Drop everything (playerlootmode 3)
Destroy everything (playerlootmode 4)
<speed> <value>
Adjust the spawn cooldown. The <speed> parameter is how quickly spawn times fall back down to 10 seconds. The <value> is how much the spawn time increases upon death.
creativemode <value> Turn creative mode on and off (free build). Value as 0 for off, 1 for on.
spawn <prefabname> This will spawn any networked object 2 meters in front of you. Such as spawn sandstorm.
kick <guid> <reason> Kick a player, with a reason. Enter the start of a guid for a player (you can see these with `serverstatus`) to identify them.
teleport <who> <toplayer> Specified by full name, will take player A directly to player B.

Save Management

Command Description
autosaveenabled <value> Sets whether to autosave the server.
autobackupinterval <seconds> Sets how often the server should backup its autosave.
saveserver <saveName> Save the server state to file, in the .exe directory. Can be loaded (see loadserver).
loadserver <saveName> Additively load the server state from file, relative to the .exe directory.

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