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Satisfactory Admin Commands

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Running Server Commands

Press the Tab or ` (tilda) key on your keyboard while in game.

List of Admin Commands

Command Description
? [without pressing enter] Shows complete list of commands.
materialFlowAnalysis recipeName [FString] Used to find the items required per second for all craftable items in the game.
Gamma [number] Changes the gamma (brightness) level.
Pause [number] Pauses the game, enter the command again to continue playing.
r.Atmosphere [0/1] Activates/deactivates the atmosphere.
r.Fog [0/1] Activates/deactivates the fog.
r.ViewDistanceScale [0/1] Sets the render distance.
foliage.LODDistanceScale Changes the LOD quality.
r.Shadow.DistanceScale Sets the render distance of shadows cast.
r.ScreenPercentage [percent] Sets internal resolution scale.
Grass.densityscale [number] Sets the grass density. 0 disables it entirely.
Suicide Has the same effect as using the Respawn option.
FOV [number] Sets field of view.
ToggleDebugOverlay [0/1] Displays a window with various debug info.
Quit or Exit Shuts down the server.
server.SaveGame saveName Creates a save of the current session named saveName.
"For a saveName with one or more spaces, use quotation marks around the name."
FG.DisableSeasonalEvents [0/1] Alternative way to disable seasonal events. Requires server restart.
FG.AutosaveInterval xxx Sets how often the server performs an Autosave, in xxx seconds.
FG.NetworkQuality x Sets the network configuration for the game server.

3 is equivalent to the "Ultra" setting in the game client.

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