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ARK: Popular Mods

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Mods are a powerful tool for any game server and ARK is no different. Sandbox games such as ARK, Minecraft, and 7 Days to Die can be modified to be provide a unique experience for any server.

Below is a list of popular mods that can enhance your ARK experience. Make sure to read through the Steam page descriptions and message board for any suggestions or possible conflicts with other mods.

Setting Up

To set your server up for mods, make sure you review Control Panel Mod Info specifically the section regarding Mod ID(s). You will use these instructions listed on that page to add mods to your ARK server.



One of the most popular mods available for ARK. Structures+ (S+) improves upon the base building system for ARK with a comprehensive re-design of item placement and "snapping", object retrieval, stackable foundations, and much more. For those who wish to keep their buildings close to the vanilla design of ARK with a little extra flavor in design and enhanced functionality, then S+ is a mod to subscribe to.

NOTE - With the latest patch for ARK, Homestead, this mod is no longer supported and development has ceased. You will need to eventually transition to using the structures with Homestead in time.

Eco's Flora and Structures Collection

Eco's brings a unique variety of botanical and decoration to your ARK. Want to add a bit of life to your base? Try out the Terrarium / Aquarium / Habitat mod. Running an RP server and need some additional decor, such as something for a town? Check out the Shoppe Decor mod!

Extinction Core

A mod that overhauls ARK and offers it's own breed of challenges and gameplay, as stated in part of it's readme:

Extinction introduces varies new mechanics, creatures, items and challenges in one package. It’s purpose is to expand the already vast game of Ark with an extra progressive touch. It’s punishing for beginning players, and challenging for veterans. It uses it’s own learning curve, which is dependent on your effort and tactics used in varies scenario’s you will encounter.

Immersive Taming

Want to breakaway from the normal tranquilizer and feed taming process? With this mod, dinos will have different ways on how to tame, outside of the normal vanilla process. Some dinos will need bait, others petting, while others may prefer to be in combat with you!

Classic Flyers

A simple mod that brings back the speed stat growth for flying mounts that was infamously "nerfed" in version 256.0. This mod will allow survivors to level up their flyers' speed for faster traveling throughout the ARK.

NOTE: There have been some issues with flyers not transferring correctly across cluster servers that have had stats increased with this mod. You may lose your flyers during the transfer process.

Castles, Keeps, and Forts

Bringing a medieval theme to ARK, this mod introduces a variety of building pieces for players to recreate a simple wooden house to an impressive castle keep. With this mod, if you do not like the design of a particular house, simply retrieve the pieces and build your design anew without wasting resources. (Standard rules of breaking structure walls by removing the foundation, etc. still apply) There are even doors that open automatically for you so you do not need to worry about closing the door behind you, even a monstrous castle gate to walk your dinos through utilize this feature.

Other additions include introduction to different weapons (different crossbows, swords, maces, etc.) and shields allow for more combat options.

Resource Stacks 2.0

A simple "stacking" mod that will help players that helps reduce clutter of player and dino inventories, as well as storage containers and crafting stations. This mod increases the stacking size for various items and offers previously non-stackable items, like Prime Meat, to stack. Unlike other stacking mods, this one only reduces the weight of resources by half, for those who want to keep things simple without feeling like they are bypassing the need for pack dinos. This is mod is a huge boon for survivors who tame many dinos, particularly carnivores, and don't have to worry about those 20-stack meats being devoured or spoiling too quickly. (The author uses this mod for that very reason)

NOTE: Any resources gained before adding this mod will not be affected retroactively, only newer resources will. If you remove this mod, all resources that were collected during the mod's introduction will be lost.

Upgrade Station

For those who like to retain equipment and upgrade them as they progress through the game without spending many hours hunting for blueprints, Upgrade Station offers the chance to "level up" your weapons and tools. A simple mod that stacks easily with others and with no changes to the core gameplay, Upgrade Station can help improve any survivor's chance of braving the wilds of the ARK of their choice.

Immersive Taming

Are you tired of taming dinos the same way? Would you rather try something different other than loading a dino up with drugs and then forcefeeding it berries, meat, or other things? Immersive Taming achieves this by adding in various methods of taming dinos as well as ways to establish a bond with you and your tames. Make each successful tame that much more personal by taking care of a dino as it was meant to be from start to finish.

Be careful though, some dinos like Rexes, Spinos, Wyverns, Rock Drakes, and otherwise will require proof that you are a hunter and a trial by combat before they accept you!

Automated ARK

Want to play ARK without having to worry about constantly sorting items? Do you enjoy scavenging more and less about placing items in their respective chests? Do you have trouble finding the right crafting materials so you can repair that broken set of Ascendant Ghillie armor? Automated ARK offers a way to effectively reduce the amount of overhead required to keep a base up and running and leaves more of the adventure and excitement to you. By leaving the sorting to the algorithms, you can take your attention away from the base and back to the field!


If you wish to venture outside of the standard Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, or Aberration servers, there are a variety of different maps available for you by very talented creators.


A new and upcoming map with a lot of promise and potential. This map is still in early Alpha stages, but this is one to keep an eye out based on the screenshots and premise alone. To paraphrase the author's description of his mod:

Genesis is a map with a science fiction element and offers to give the player a more immersive experience. With a chance to work on 3D modelling and Painter/Designer skills, I [map author] decided to make a tech city biome to offer this map a unique flavor. Other than the city, biomes include highlands, two large caves, thick jungles, Redwoods, and a new addition of a Scorched Earth-esque biome, albeit small.

Shigo Islands

Text Placeholder. More to come soon!

Crystal Isles

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