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Welcome to the official Wiki!

Below you will find a list of helpful pages including "How To"'s, Troubleshooting Tips, FAQs, and general information for our various game servers. If you do not see something here that addresses your problem or you have suggestions and additions, please contact us at

Survival Servers Control Panel

How to: Control Panel - How to use the custom made, exclusive Survival Servers Control Panel.
How to: Modify Server Config - How to use the custom made Survival Servers Modify Server Config tool.
How to: Account, Invoice, and Order Management - How to manage payment, auto-payment, change games, or stop your service.
Control Panel FAQ - Have a question about the control panel? Check here first!
FTP Access - How to connect with FTP and what can you do.
Server Saved Files - Need to download your data? Here's how and where to find it!

Important Information

Support Ticket - Need help? How to submit a support ticket.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Got a question? Check here first.
Steam Server Favorites - A quick guide on how to add a server to your Steam favorites.

Game Servers and Related Links

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die: Server Configuration
7 Days to Die: Server Admins and Whitelisting
7 Days to Die: How to Install Valmod
7 Days to Die: How to Install DarknessFalls
7 Days to Die: How to Reinstall your Server
7 Days to Die: How to Use NitroGen
7 Days to Die: How to Upload a Custom Map

ARK: Survival Evolved (PC and PS4)

ARK: Survival Evolved Control Panel
ARK: Survival Evolved Advanced Configuration - Want to push your ARK server even further?
ARK: Admins, Server Maintenance, and General FAQs
ARK: Bugs and Glitches - Running into issues with ARK or the server in general? Check here first!
ARK: Admin Commands


ARK PC: Transferring Singleplayer Data to Multiplayer - Have a singleplayer game that you want to show off to your friends?
ARK PC: Restoring a Backup Manually
ARK PC: Custom Launch Parameters - How to setup custom maps, Primitive+, and other modding / overhaul features.
ARK PC: Popular Mods - Want to spice up your server? Check out an example of popular mods available from the Steam workshop!
ARK PC: Clustering - Information on running multiple servers linked together in a cluster for PC.

ARK PS4 Only

ARK PS4: Admin Commands
ARK PS4: Finding your Server
ARK PS4: Adding Primitive+
ARK PS4: Clustering - Information on linking multiple servers together for PS4.

Arma, Epoch, and Exile

Arma 3 Epoch - Information related to Arma 3 Epoch.
Arma 3 Exile - Information related to Arma 3 Exile.
Arma 3 Exile Infistar - Information on how to install Infistar.
Arma 3 Altis Life - Information related to Altis Life mod.
Arma 3 Wasteland - Information related to Wasteland mod.
Arma 2 Epoch/Overpoch - Information related to Arma 2 mod.
DayZ Epoch - Information related to Epoch.
Arma 2/3 Database - Information on backups and restoring server data.

Arma Reforger

Arma Reforger: Server Setup Guide
Arma Reforger: Server Configuration
Arma Reforger: Admin Commands
Arma Reforger: Mod Install Guide


Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor: Server Setup Guide


Atlas: Server Setup Guide
Atlas: Server Configuration
Atlas: Admin Commands
Atlas: Server Grid Editor



Barotrauma: Server Configuration
Barotrauma: Adding Mods
Barotrauma: Admin Commands

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944: Server Setup Guide
Battalion 1944: Admin Commands
Battalion 1944: How to Join a Server

Beasts of Bermuda

Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel: Server Setup Guide
Citadel: Admin Commands

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles: Conan Exiles: Server Setup Guide
Conan Exiles: Admin Commands
Conan Exiles: Adding Admins
Conan Exiles: Server Configuration
Conan Exiles: How to Edit the Game.db File

Core Keeper

Core Keeper: Server Setup Guide
Core Keeper: Mod Install Guide

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike 2

How to Create a Counter Strike 2 Server Guide
How to Join a Private Counter Strike 2 Server


Core Keeper: Server Setup Guide
Core Keeper: Mod Install Guide

Cube World

Cube World: Server Setup Guide
Cube World: Admin Commands
Cube World: How to Join a Server

Dark and Light

Dark and Light: Server Setup Guide
Dark and Light: Admin Commands

Day of Dragons

Day of Dragons: Server Setup Guide
Day of Dragons: Admin Commands
Day of Dragons: How to Join a Server


DayZ: Setting Up a Custom Loadout
DayZ: How To Ban Players
DayZ: Custom Ingame Server Time
DayZ: How To Edit Loot Spawn Rates
DayZ: How To Add Steam Mods
DayZ: How To Manually Wipe Save Data
DayZ: How To Whitelist
DayZ: How To Setup Priority Queuing
DayZ: How To Configure DayNight Cycle

Dead Matter

Dead Matter: Server Setup Guide
Dead Matter: Admin Commands
Dead Matter: How to Whitelist
Dead Matter: How to Join a Server

Don't Starve Together


Eco: Server Setup Guide
Eco: Admin Commands
Eco: How to Join a Server
Eco: Server Configuration

Empyrion: Galactic Survival


Enshrouded: Server Setup Guide
Enshrouded: Admin Commands
Enshrouded: How to Join a Server


Foundry: Server Setup Guide

The Front

The Front: Server Setup Guide
The Front: Admin Commands
The Front: How to Join a Server
The Front: Advanced Configuration

Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame: Server Setup Guide
Frozen Flame: How to Join a Server


Hurtworld: Server Setup Guide
Hurtworld: Admin Commands


Hytale: Server Setup Guide
Hytale: Admin Commands
Hytale: How to Join a Server


Icarus: Server Setup Guide
Icarus: How to Join a Server
Icarus: Server Configuration

Last Oasis

Last Oasis: Server Setup Guide
Last Oasis: Admin Commands
Last Oasis: How to Join a Server

Left 4 Dead 2


Minecraft: Administration
Minecraft: Server Settings
Minecraft: CraftBukkit Plugins
Minecraft: Pixelmon Reforged Installation


Miscreated: Server Settings
Miscreated: How to Whitelist
Miscreated: Restore Backup

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Bannerlord: Server Setup Guide

Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires: Server Setup Guide
Myth of Empires: Admin Commands
Myth of Empires: How to Join a Server

Night of The Dead

No One Survived

No One Survived: Server Settings

Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West: Admin Commands


Palworld: Server Setup Guide
Palworld: Admin Commands
Palworld: How to Join a Server
Palworld: How to use Rcon
Palworld: How to Reset Player Data
Palworld: How to Backup or Upload Save Data
Palworld: How to Mod your Palworld Server Guide
Palworld: How to access Xbox Insider


PixARK: Server Setup Guide
PixARK: Admin Server Commands
PixARK: Server Configuration Guide
PixARK: Setting up Whitelist
PixARK: Finding your Server
PixARK: Whitelisting Admins
PixARK: Manually Restore Data
PixARK: Switching to a New Seed

Path of Titans

Path of Titans: Server Setup Guide
Path of Titans: Admin Commands
Path of Titans: How to Add Mods
Path of Titans: How to Join a Server

Portal Knights

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid: Admin Commands
Project Zomboid: How to Add Mods
Project Zomboid: Server Configuration


Rend: Server Setup Guide
Rend: Admin Server Commands

Rune 2

Rune 2: Server Setup Guide
Rune 2: Admin Commands
Rune 2: Adding Admins
Rune 2: Server Configuration


Rust: Server Settings
Rust: Admin Commands
Rust: Setting up a Custom Map on Rust
Rust: Wiping World or Blueprint Data
Rust: How to Setup Oxide Plugin
Rust: How to Password Protect Rust Server


Satisfactory: Server Setup Guide
Satisfactory: Admin Commands
Satisfactory: How to Join a Server


SCUM: Admin Commands
SCUM: Key Binding Info
SCUM: Server Settings


Sons of The Forest

Sons of The Forest: Server Setup Guide
Sons of The Forest: Admin Commands
Sons of The Forest: Server Settings
Sons of The Forest: How to Backup or Upload Save Data


Soulmask: Server Setup Guide
Soulmask: Admin Commands

Space Engineers

Space Engineers: How to Setup a Custom Map
Space Engineers: Server Configuration
Space Engineers: How to Setup and use RCON
Space Engineers: How to Setup Torch
Space Engineers: How to Setup a Password on your Server
Space Engineers: How to Enable Crossplay
Space Engineers: Moons and Planets


Stationeers: Server Setup Guide


Subnautica: Server Setup Guide
Subnautica: How to Join a Server



The Forest

The Forest: Admin Commands
The Forest: Server Settings


Terraria: Server Configuration


Unturned: Enable Admin
Unturned: Server Configuration
Unturned: Custom Maps and Mods


Valheim: Server Setup Guide
Valheim: Admin Commands
Valheim: How to Join a Valheim Server
Valheim: How to Install or Update Valheim+
Valheim: How to Change a Server Seed
Valheim: How to Setup a Custom Domain for a Valheim Server
Valheim: How to Restore Player Data
Valheim: How to Backup Or Upload Save Data

V Rising

V Rising: Server Setup Guide
V Rising: Admin Commands
V Rising: Server Configuration
V Rising: How to Join a V Rising Server
V Rising: How to Backup Or Upload Save Data
V Rising: VOIP Configuration


Vein: Server Configuration



Ylands: Adding Server Admins

Server Tools & Programs


Arkon - RCON tool used for remote admin of ARK/PixARK.

ARMA 2, 3, & DayZ

CPBO - ARMA - Unpack / Pack your server and mission PBO properly.
Dart - Easily connect to server RCON and kick/ban as well as global admin messages.
Note - Dart functionality for DayZ is limited compared to ARMA.
EPM - ARMA 2 & 3 - Easy to use RCON tool. Allows for kick/bans and global admin messaging.
PboManager - ARMA 2 & 3 - Unpack / Repack your server and mission PBO files properly.
Gotcha - DayZ - Advanced admin controls, click for more info.


McRcon - RCON tool for connecting to your Minecraft server.


Seed Finder - A tool that scans hundreds of seeds every second for the perfect spot according to your preferences.


Notepad++ - Text editor tool that allows auto-completion, color patterning based on language syntax (C++, C#, XML, JSON, etc.)