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7D2D Valmod Install

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Getting Valmod Added to your server

For valmod install it is a bit tricky. If you are installing it on a private server that you are running
on your own pc hosted server it will be an easy route.

You will need to go to this website for both installs thou and download the correct one
you wish to run. There is an overhaul and an expansions version.
Download Valmod

Personal PC Server Install
  1. Head into the folder you have your server installed in
  2. Open the downloaded pack you got above.
  3. For the basic install simply drag the Mods and Data folders into your server folder.
    1. Let it overwrite any files it ask for
  4. Start server up
Adding the backpack mod with it
  1. Do the same as the above only instead of the first Mod and Data folder.
Go one step further and enter the Backpack folder
  1. Copy the 7DaysToDieServer_Data and the data folder to your server folder.
  2. Let it overwrite as needed.
  3. Start your server

Getting Valdmod Added to server

At this moment you will want to submit a ticket due to some DLL files not uploading

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