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Adding Plugins to CraftBukkit

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Getting Started With Plugins

In order for the plugins to work on your server, you will need to have CraftBukkit as the version you are running.

  1. Head to the following link and look over the plugins you would like to use. Bukkit Plugins
  2. Once you have the plugins head to your server panel and look for the FTP login data. This will be located at the top of the panel.
  3. Log into your FTP client.
    Instructions available at FTP Access.
  4. Once logged in you should see a plugins folder.
  5. Drag the .jar files into the plugin folder.
  6. Restart your server and refresh the FTP client.
  7. Your plugins are now loaded and config files generated.
  8. Make the edits to the configs as you like and restart the server.
  9. Enjoy!

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