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Last Oasis Server Admin Commands Usage

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How to set yourself as Admin

To setup a player with admin access for Last Oasis, you will first need FTP Access and a text editor. For the latter, we strongly recommend Notepad++, which can be found here:

1. Log into your FTP client using the info on your control panel
2. Once logged in, open the Config folder and edit the configuration.ini file
3. Look for the area that looks like the following

     Coming soon!

4. Now that you have that located, you will want to find either your in game player name or steam UID

You can find your UID here: SteamUIDFinder
. Alternatively, you can also use your player name.

5. Next setup the admin area like such

    Coming soon!
If you are adding more than one Admin, make sure to add a comma between the quotation marks.

7. Save the file back to your server and start the server back up.

Admin Commands

Coming Soon...

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