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How to add an Unturned Server Admin.

Step 1: Log into steam and right click on your profile to copy the Page URL.


Step 2: Go to this URL: http://steamidfinder.com/ and copy/paste the Page URL from your Steam profile into the text box and press the search button.

A Steam ID will display in a 2nd line, EXAMPLE: STEAM_0:1:510912134 Please copy your ID and save it to a text file somewhere on your PC.

Step 3: Log into your Game servers FTP and add your Steam ID. Once logged into FTP, The file is located here: /Unturned_Data/Managed/mods/AdminCommands/UnturnedAdmins.txt

Your SurvivalServers username goes in the front, for this example the SurvivalServers username is tanvan.

Here is a screenshot of how it will look:


Step 4: Save the file and Start your server. You now have admin commands. Please let us know if there is any issues and we will be happy to help you!