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How to Create a Rend Dedicated Server Guide

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Creating a Rend game server is an easy process that can be done from either a dedicated server or your home computer.

Option #1: Renting a Rend server (see example control panel below!)


Rend game server.png

Option #2: Creating a Rend Server From Your Home Computer or Dedicated Server

Server Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, Server 2012 & 64-Bit

Quad Core processor (requires up to 2 full cores)

Up to 16GB memory (currently uses around 6GB memory minimum and up to 15GB of memory for a full server)

25GB disk space (install folder)

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Step 1: Fetching Game Server files from SteamCMD

The best method to get dedicated server game files is via SteamCMD.

  1. Create a folder where you wish to store your Rend game server hosting files in
  2. Inside of the folder, create a folder called SteamCMD and place the newly downloading SteamCMD.exe file within it
  3. Create a batch file named SteamCMD.bat within the SteamCMD folder
  4. Place the following code in this batch file:
@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "C:\Some\Path\Where\You\Want\Game\Server\Files\To\Go" +app_update 550790 validate +quit
  1. Change the "Username" and "Password" with your steam login info
  2. Change the Path of the C:\ drive to the location of your Rend server folder you created earlier
  3. Right-click SteamCMD.bat and Run as Administrator
  4. Your game server files should start downloading now

(alternate method): Locating Game Server Files on Hard Drive

You can host Rend directly from the game itself. If you want to change any settings, locate your common folder:

  1. Right-click Rend from Steam, select Properties
  2. Click Local Files tab
  3. Click Browse Local Files button
  • Note: Make sure to have steamcmd in with the files if you are using this method, as it will allow for updating.

Step 2: Setting up a Rend Dedicated Server

  1. Create a batch file named RendServer.bat or Launch.bat in your newly created Rend server folder from step 1
  2. Place the following code in this batch file:
start "" /NORMAL "C:\rendserver\RendServer.exe" -NoEAC -Port=27015 -BeaconPort=27016 -log
  1. Make sure to set your Port and BeaconPort to different ports not in use.
  2. Once this is completed you should have a list of server files along with the .bat file you created in the server folder.
This .bat file will let you launch the server

Step 3: Port Forwarding

Add an incoming rule to your Windows Firewall to allow UDP port 27015 as well as 27016, and 7777 (or whichever port you decide to use).

You may additionally need to add a forwarding rule to your network router. You can use to read how to do this.

Configuring your Rend Game Server!

Now comes the fun part, setting up your Rend game server to your liking.

To modify game server settings you can open the Otherlands/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini Along with
the config settings within Otherlands/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Server.ini

You can modify settings in here (in addition to the launch line) - these settings overwrite your launch line settings:



;Spirits needed to reset the server cycle

;Server name that shows up in the server browser
ServerName="Rend Test"

;Max players allowed per faction (3 factions)
FactionLimit=%MAX_PLAYERS / 3%

;Uncomment the next line to include a server password

;The UTC offset for the timezone of the server (example: PST = -7)
;This is used to give a server a "Local Time" for 
;scheduled events (i.e Reckonings).

;This is an example Reckoning wave, in this case, 
;Values for days are 0-6 with Monday being 0.
;Hours use military time (0-24). Minutes are 0-60.
;With these settings, a Reckoning will occur every:
;Monday at 9:00am UTC + TimeZoneUTCOffset
;Wednesday at 7:30pm UTC + TimeZoneUTCOffset

;How long the server must be active before a Reckoning can occur.
;This measures total server uptime, age does not increase while 
;the server is down.

;Larger numbers make Reckoning difficulty increase more slowly

;How long the warning period before a Reckoning lasts.

;How long the PVP stage of the Reckoning lasts.

;If you go X seconds without dying we reset your accumulating
;respawn timer

;Increment respawn timer on each death within the above timespan

;Minimum and maximum respawn times

;Force a player to respawn after being dead for X seconds

;Sprint speed scalar

;False if logging off outside of faction base leaves character
;in world for a short while

;False if players can loot other players

;False if faction shields are active outside of the Reckoning

;XP multipliers

;Health multipliers

;Scale how quickly resources and creatures respawn

;How far creatures can sense players

;Scale levels of all creatures

;How much damage the faction tree takes
;before spitting out a soul

;Scale encumbrance (weight), higher means players
;can carry more

;Craft speed scalar, increase scalar
;to decrease craft times


;Scale structure health and armor values

;How much players get with each tool swing

;Harvesting progress multiplier per swing
;Affects the rate at which gear will decay

;Player/Creature damage multipliers
;Multiplier for PvP
;Multiplier for PvE
;Multiplier for friendly fire
;Multiplier to players
;Multiplier to creatures
;Multiplier from players
;Multiplier from creatures

;Siege damage mutiplier
;Additional siege damage multiplier from players
;Additional siege damage multiplier from non-players

;Pet damage multipliers

;Server delete restrictions

;Server password

;Reserved slot Steam IDs, so the server will
;always keep a slot open on one or all factions
;for the specified players.  Duplicate to
;add multiple.
;ReservedSlotAuthIds="[STEAM64 ID HERE]"
;ReservedSlotAuthIds="[STEAM64 ID HERE]"

Make sure you change the data in the config towards the bottom or else you may run into issues. Once you have these set you should be on your way to joining your server.


;People can add this line multiple times to give themselves 
;administration rights on the server.  Uncomment to activate.
;Duplicate to add multiple
AdminAuthIdWhitelist="[STEAM 64 ID HERE]"

;People can add this line multiple times to give themselves 
;cheating rights on the server.  Uncomment to activate.
;Duplicate to add multiple
CheatAuthIdWhitelist="[STEAM 64 ID HERE]"

Locating and Joining your server

  1. First make sure your server is running by running the RendServer.bat or Luanch.bat file as admin (If the CMD window is already up for it then you are fine)
  2. Head into steam and click on the view tab at the top left
  3. From there select servers and a new panel will show up
  4. Hit the Lan tab at the top and the filter button at the bottom
  5. Set the filter to Rend
  6. If your server shows up there then you know it is running and ready to roll



How to Join Your Server ( Customers)

Method 1. Finding your server hosted by

STEP 1: Update your server to the newest Rend version using the update/validate option on the panel, then click the green update button at the bottom. * If you are not a Survival Servers customer ask your game server host about this.


  1. Once you are sure the server is updated and shows started on the panel. Head into the game
  2. In the game click Find Server and then look for your server in the Unofficial Server listings (Note if you have a password set on your server. Make sure to check the "Show Password Protected" box in the filters area)
  3. You can also use the Filter at the bottom of the list to find your server faster.



Location of World Save Data

The location of the saved folder will very depending how you are hosting it. If you are hosting with then your save data location will look like the following.


If you are hosting a Rend server locally then your directory will probably look similar only it will not have the numbers on the end.


If you are with another hosting company then you will want to contact them for information on where the save data is located.

Running Admin Commands

In order to use admin commands. You will want to make sure your steam64 bit ID is locked into the server.ini file.
(Check the link out below or look above to where the server.ini is located)

You can now run admin commands in game. For a full list of commands you view the Admin Commands


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