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7D2D Server Config

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Getting started with configuring your server

Before you start please look over how to log into your FTP client using a 3rd party program Tutorial listed here

  1. Stop your serer
  2. Once stopped, login through FTP and find the serverconfig.xml file.
    A good program to use is Notepad++
  3. After opening the file, a list of settings will show. Please see the below sections for information on each and what you can set the values to.
  4. Sticking to the file structure, make your changes and then save the file.

Keep in mind that pressing the green button at the bottom of your control panel will reset your config to defaults unless you also check "Skip Save Config" at the top right.

The following information below is the configuration changes and settings for the latest Alpha.

Configuration Example

For each setting, the code is written in this format:

<property name="ServerName" value="My Server Name! |"/> <!-- Whatever you want the name of the server to be. -->

property = This "begins" the line. It tells the server we are modifying a specific setting.
name = This is the property that we are editing. Leave this alone.
value = This is the editable part. Changing this will have a direct effect on the server. For some settings, you must adhere to certain restrictions. (some values will ONLY take numbers)
<!-- = This indicates the beginning of a comment that is ignored by the server. Think of this as a note written on the margin.
--> = This indicates the end of a comment. Anything after this will be processed by the server.

The settings listed below will list the property name, two example values, and a brief description. You can also find a brief description as well as listed values within the serverconfig.xml file itself. Some values are handled specifically by our system and will be indicated with an DO NOT CHANGE as the "example". Some sections of the file are omitted for the same reason as well.

General Server Settings

Server Representation

ServerName -- "This is my server name!"
This is the name of the server people will see in their Steam server favorites list or the in game server browser.
ServerDescription -- "Free for all, no admins, Blood Moon every 4 days. Game on!"
In the in game server browser, clicking on your server will display this on the right pane.
ServerWebsiteURL --
Website URL for the server, will be shown in the serverbrowser as a clickable link.
ServerPassword -- letspartyfolks
Password to gain entry to the server.
Region -- NorthAmericaEast
Values must be one of the following: NorthAmericaEast, NorthAmericaWest, CentralAmerica, SouthAmerica, Europe, Russia, Asia, MiddleEast, Africa, Oceania.
If no region is entered/set on the server end, you will not be able to find the server.
Language -- English
Use any language name that your players would expect to search for. Should be the English name of the language, EX. not "Deutsch" but "German".
This is a filter name only and DOES NOT SET the language for players.
ServerLoginConfirmationText -- "Are you ready for this?! Everyone's trigger happy, be careful!"
If set the user will see the message during joining the server and has to confirm it before continuing. For more complex changes to this window you can change the "serverjoinrulesdialog" window in XUi


ServerPort -- DO NOT CHANGE
Port you want the server to listen on.
ServerVisibility -- DO NOT CHANGE
Visibility of this server: 2 = public, 1 = only shown to friends, 0 = not listed. As you are never friend of a dedicated server setting this to "1" will only work when the first player connects manually by IP.
ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" -- DO NOT CHANGE
Networking protocols that should not be used. Separated by comma. Possible values: LiteNetLib, SteamNetworking. Dedicated servers should disable SteamNetworking if there is no NAT router in between your users and the server or when port-forwarding is set up correctly


ServerMaxPlayerCount -- DO NOT CHANGE
Maximum Concurrent Players.
Out of the MaxPlayerCount this many slots can only be used by players with a specific permission level
Required permission level to use reserved slots above
This many admins can still join even if the server has reached MaxPlayerCount
Required permission level to use the admin slots above

Other technical settings

EACEnabled -- "true" or "false"
Enables/Disables EasyAntiCheat. Some mods require this to be set to "false". If players are EAC banned but want to play, set this to "false".
Hide logging of command execution. 0 = show everything, 1 = hide only from Telnet/ControlPanel, 2 = also hide from remote game clients, 3 = hide everything.
Override how many chunks can be uncovered on the ingame map by each player. Resulting max map file size limit per player is (x * 512 Bytes), uncovered area is (x * 256 m²). Default 131072 means max 32 km² can be uncovered at any time.
If disabled a player can join with any selected profile. If true they will join with the last profile they joined with.



GameWorld -- "RWG" (Random World Gen), "Navezgane","PREGEN" (Please see below), or "Existing World Name"
RWG (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder. Navezgane is the "story" map for 7 Days to Die.
Alpha 20: "PREGEN6k", "PREGEN8k", "PREGEN10k". Alpha 19: "PREGEN01", "PREGEN02", "PREGEN03".
WorldGenSeed - "ZOMBIETIME"
If RWG this is the seed for the generation of the new world. If a world with the resulting name already exists it will simply load it
WorldGenSize - 6144 or 8192 or 10240.
If RWG this controls the width and height of the created world. It is also used in combination with WorldGenSeed to create the internal RWG seed thus also creating a unique map name even if using the same WorldGenSeed. Has to be between 2048 and 16384 (Alpha 20 only supports 6k, 8k, and 10k). Please submit a ticket if you want anything over 8192 as it uses too much CPU and an extra charge is required. Larger map sizes = longer start times, possible lag, and longer time to download and join.
GameName -- "Example Anything" or "Existing Game Name"
Whatever you want the game name to be. This affects the save game name as well as the seed used when placing decoration (trees etc) in the world. It does not control the generic layout of the world if creating an RWG world. This name can be found in /7-days-to-die/Saves/"GameWorld" for existing saves.
SaveGameFolder -- DO NOT CHANGE
UserDataFolder -- DO NOT CHANGE


GameDifficulty -- 2 (this is the default value)
0 - 5, 0=easiest, 5=hardest
BlockDamagePlayer - 100
How much damage do players to blocks (percentage in whole numbers)
BlockDamageAI - 100
How much damage do AIs to blocks (percentage in whole numbers)
BlockDamageAIBM - 100
How much damage do AIs during blood moons to blocks (percentage in whole numbers)
XPMultiplier - 150 (for 1.5x experience points)
XP gain multiplier (percentage in whole numbers)
PlayerSafeZoneLevel -- 5
If a player is less or equal this level he will create a safe zone (no enemies) when spawned
PlayerSafeZoneHours -- 10
Hours in world time this safe zone exists

Misc Settings

BuildCreate -- "true" or "false"
cheat mode on/off. This is similar to creative mode with Minecraft.
DayNightLength -- 60
real time minutes per in game day. For the default value, one real time hour = one in game day. Highest number tested for this has been 120 minutes.
DayLightLength -- 18 (this will result in "night" occurring at 22:00 until 4:00)
in game hours the sun shines per day: 18 hours day light per in game day
DropOnDeath -- 0
0 = everything, 1 = toolbelt only, 2 = backpack only, 3 = delete all.
DropOnQuit -- 1
0 = nothing, 1 = everything, 2 = toolbelt only, 3 = backpack only
BedrollDeadZoneSize -- 50
Size of bedroll deadzone, no zombies will spawn inside this area, and any cleared sleeper volumes that touch a bedroll deadzone will not spawn after they've been cleared.

Performance Related

MaxSpawnedZombies -- 50
Making this number too large (more than about 80) may cause servers to run at poor framerates which will effect lag and play quality for clients.
MaxSpawnedAnimals -- 60
If your server has a large number of players you can increase this limit to add more wildlife. Animals don't consume as much CPU as zombies. NOTE: That this doesn't cause more animals to spawn arbitrarily: The biome spawning system only spawns a certain number of animals in a given area, but if you have lots of players that are all spread out then you may be hitting the limit and can increase it.

Zombie Settings

EnemySpawnMode -- "true" or "false"
Enable/Disable enemy spawning
EnemyDifficulty -- 0 (by default)
0 = Normal, 1 = Feral (Feral zombies will always run no matter which type they are)
ZombieFeralSense -- 0 (by default)
0-3 (Off, Day, Night, All)
ZombieMove -- 0 (by default)
0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
ZombieMoveNight -- 0 (by default)
0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
ZombieFeralMove -- 3 (by default)
0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) This is the speed at which zombies classified as feral (glowing eyes) will move.
ZombieBMMove -- 3 (by default)
0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare). This is the speed at which all zombies will move at Blood Moon who are non-feral.
BloodMoonFrequency -- 7 (by default)
What frequency (in days) should a blood moon take place. Normally the blood moon occurs every 7th day.
BloodMoonRange -- 0 (by default)
Number of days of "deviation" that can be applied to the next blood moon. A value of "1" can mean the next blood moon occurs on the 6th, 7th, or 8th day.
BloodMoonEnemyCount -- 8 (by default)
The number of zombies spawned during blood moons per player. Turn this value down if your server is experiencing some performance issues.
BloodMoonWarning -- 8 (by default)
The Hour number that the red day number begins on a blood moon day. Setting this to -1 makes the red never show.


LootAbundance -- 100
Percentage in whole numbers. The higher the number, the more ammo, feathers, etc. you'll find.
LootRespawnDays -- 30
Days in whole numbers. 7 is a good number to help restock for blood moons.
AirDropFrequency -- 72 (by default)
How often airdrop occur in game-hours, 0 = never
AirDropMarker -- "true" or "false".
Sets if a marker is added to map/compass for air drops.


PartySharedKillRange -- 100 (by default. This value is in meters)
The distance you must be within to receive party shared kill XP and quest party kill objective credit. A good number to use is 200m, as this will help crafters in the base receive experience.
Player Killing Settings (0 = No Killing, 1 = Kill Allies Only, 2 = Kill Strangers Only, 3 = Kill Everyone)

Land Claim Options

Maximum allowed land claims per player.
Size in blocks that is protected by a keystone
Keystones must be this many blocks apart (unless you are friends with the other player)
The number of days a player can be offline before their claims expire and are no longer protected
Controls how offline players land claims decay. All claims have full protection for the first 24hrs. 0=Linear, 1=Exponential, 2=Full protection until claim is expired.
How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is online. 0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default is 4x
How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is offline. 0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default is 4x


Do keep in mind that mods are made by the community. Most mods will only work for specific versions due to the developing nature of the game. Regardless, all mods will require you to use FTP to install them on your server. Most mods will be placed in a mods folder, while others may require overwriting directories. Please be sure to follow the mod developers instructions thoroughly when installing mods. Failure to follow the instructions properly may result in your server to crash or not function.

  1. Stop your server from your control panel and access your server using FTP.
  2. Find the Mods folder in the main directory. If it does not exist, create it.
  3. Download the mod of your choice. Mods in .zip files will need to be extracted.
  4. Add your mod to the Mods folder and/or overwrite any needed directory per the mod developer.

Please note that some mods require editing the serverconfig.xml using FTP. Settings can be found here --> Config Settings.

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