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How To Whitelist Server

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Whitelisting your Dayz Standalone Server

Before we begin you will want to make sure you have notepad++ Here
Along with knowing how to gain access to the FTP client. Here

Now that you have the above items follow the below steps:

  1. Stop the server
  2. Log into the FTP client using the information on your panel
  3. Head into the Admin folder and open the serverDZ.cfg file using notepad++
  4. Locate passwordAdmin = "mypassword"; towards the top and add the following under it. enableWhitelist = 0;
    1. Keep it at 0 to set as enabled or 1 to disable
  5. Save and re upload to the FTP client
  6. Head to the root of the FTP client (area that has the exe files)
  7. Towards the bottom you should see a whitelist.txt file. Open that file in notepad++
  8. Add in your Steam UIDs or Ingame UIDs.
  9. Start the server back up. You now have whitelisting enabled.

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