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How To Manually Wipe Save Data

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Getting The Save Data Wiped

In order to start make sure you follow this guide on logging into your
FTP client [FTP]

Before Attempting the following. Please make sure to keep a backup of the data

Getting Started

  1. Stop the server from the control panel
  2. Head into the FTP client by logging in with an FTP software
  3. Head into the following directory:
    1. mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\
  4. Look for the storage_1 folder.
  5. Either Delete the data within the storage_1 folder or rename that folder to storage_1backup
  6. Start your server back up using the top buttons. (NOTE: If you use the green button at the bottom make sure to click skip save config and skip update for the server)
  7. Your server save data is now wiped.

Doing the above steps will wipe the player data and map data of your server. If you wish to only wipe the player data then simply delete the players.db file

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