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Project Zomboid Server Configuration

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Changing Settings

Server settings can be changed using FTP or using the Admin panel.


  1. After logging in using FTP, nagivate to \Server.
  2. You will find two files with the extensions worldname.ini and worldname_SandboxVars.lua.
  3. The setting/settings you are looking to change will determine which file to open.
  4. The .ini file will be general server settings, while the .lua will be your sandbox settings.
  5. After your changes are made, save the file and restart the server if needed.

Admin Panel

  1. Grant yourself admin using /setaccesslevel "username" admin in chat.
    "By default, the server owner can gain admin rights by logging in to their server using the username "admin" and their RCON password, which is located in their control panel."
  2. Pressing "Esc" on your keyboard will open up a menu and the Admin Panel can then be selected.

Custom Spawn Points

Spawn points can be forced per coordinates or given as a choice per region.


  1. Using FTP, open worldname.ini in \GameServerID\Server and change SpawnPoint=0,0,0 to the coordinates where you want all players to spawn.
    "Coordinates can be located here"


  1. Using FTP, open worldname_spawnregions.lua in \GameServerID\Server.
  2. If the file does not exist, you can create the file.
    Example: For all default maps.
    Custom spawn regions.png
  3. You would remove or add the regions you would like to have as options for players to spawn at.
    "Custom maps from mods can also be added after being added properly" ->Adding Mods.

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