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How to Join a Valheim Server

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How to Join a Valheim Server

The official method to join a Valheim server is to locate your game server on the official server list within the game.

Simply type in your search query and wait for the server list to populate.


As this method is currently having issues, the recommended join method is one of the alternative methods below.

Renting a Valheim server (see example control panel below!)

Rent a Valheim Game Server


Alternative Method: Joining your Valheim Server Using Direct IP:Port

You can join your game server using the Direct Connect method as follows.

First open up the game server list and click the Join IP button

Join IP

You can find your Game Port from the control panel by clicking the info box next to your IP:Query Port

Find your Game Port

Proceed to enter in your IP:Port here. Please note this is the Game Port, not the Query Port.

Find your Game Port

Enter your password and voilà!

Alternative Method: Joining your Valheim Server from Steam Favorites

You can also join via finding your server in the Steam server list by adding your server to Favorites and connecting.

First open up the server list from within Steam


Next, click the Favorites tab at the top.

Then, click Add a Server.

Get your IP:Port from the control panel using the Query Port for your port.


Add to favorites


After you have added the server, click Refresh on that server list. This step is important.


Right click your server and Connect to Server.


Enter the password and voilà!


More methods coming soon!

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