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How to Join a Hytale Server

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Official Hytale Server Architecture Information

How to Join via Direct Connect

To join a server with an IP:Port simply click Direct Connect from the Servers tab and join your Hytale server.


You can also join via finding your server in the Hytale server browser if you have accepted the lightweight Terms of Service set out by the Hytale devs.

Read more about the server technology behind Hytale by clicking here

How to Join a Hytale Server w/ Friends List

You can also join off of a friend by right clicking an online friend who is in-game and clicking Join Server.

The friends list allows you to join servers that your friends are playing. Hytale utilizes UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) protocol to handle port forwarding w/ NAT passthrough as a fall back.

More methods coming soon!

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