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How To Add Steam Mods

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Getting Mods Installed

In order to start make sure you follow this guide on logging into your
FTP client [FTP]

Items To Have Handy

  • Notepad++
  • Steam
  • Your Server Panel

Setting up Mods

1. Head to your server panel and stop the server
3. Head into Steam and click on Dayz in your library, then the "Browse The Workshop" button on the right
4. Open up Notepad++ to a blank page
5. Find the mods you wish to add to your server and paste their Mod IDs into notepad++

Note that you will need to revisit these mod pages for any install guides they may have
  • Put the Mod IDs on one line and separate them with a , (comma) like such

6. Head back to your server panel and paste those mods into the Mod ID area
7. Check the boxes to skip server update and skip save config. Then hit the green button and let the mods install the @ModFolder and keys to your server
8. Start the server.

Activating Mods

1. Set the map drop down to "Custom"

  • A new window will appear where your launch line goes

2. Open up your FTP client and you should see a list of @Mod folders 3. Open up a new page in notepad++ 4. Place the following in line in your notepad++ area


5. Copy each @Mod folder name one by one and place it after the -mod= area like such (note to seperate each @Mod by using ;)

[email protected];@Code Lock;@Airdrop;@BaseBuildingPlus;@BetterBarbedWire;

6. Once you have your list completed (don't worry about the spaces between the names) paste it into the Launch Parameters Line area on your panel
7. Add " " quotes around the data you just added in like such

"[email protected];@Code Lock;@Airdrop;@BaseBuildingPlus;@BetterBarbedWire;"
Note that you only do this around the -mod= and @Mod folders. No other command line setting

8. Launch server.

Disclaimer: You will need to follow the guide listed by the mod developer in order to install the files/data for the mod to fully work. It is listed on the mod page in the steam workshop
This does not fully install the mod for you. It only gets the @mod folder and keys installed on the back end. All manual edits are done on your end.

Getting Mods on DayzSALauncher

1. Head to your server panel and check the boxes to skip server update, skip mod update, skip save config
2. Head to the right side of the panel and select DayZSALauncher
3. Set the Install DayZSALauncher to Yes Install
4. Hit the green button at the bottom
5. Once complete head to this link DayzSALauncher Check
6. Grab your ip:port from your panel and paste it into the check box on that page
7. Change the last number on the port to an 8
8. Click the button and it will add your mods to the list when searching for your server.

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