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Console Commands

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To enable console commands for your Forest server, you will need to access the configuration file via FTP to do so. To edit/upload/save/delete files via FTP, use the following method:

  1. Stop your server from the panel.
  2. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel.
    Download link for WinSCP here:
  3. Navigate to the directory you wish to upload or edit a file.
    The file is Server.cfg , which is located at the first folder.
  4. Open up the file using a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++.
    If you are not familiar with configuration files, any line starting with two slashes is ignored by the program.
    // This is a comment and will not be read by a file
  5. To enable cheats for your server, you will need to add a new line at the bottom of the file.
    allowCheats on
  6. After editing/uploading/deleting your files in the proper directories, press the Start button at the top of your control panel. (using the green button will overwrite your change)
  7. Start up the Forest game on your own computer.
  8. Once you are at the main menu, type in the following: developermodeon.
    Note: You will not see any indicator that you typed this in correctly.
  9. To test if this works, press the F1 button. If you see $> toggleworkscheduler in the upper left corner, you did this correctly. Press F1 again.
  10. Find your server and connect to it.
  11. At the login screen, type in the admin password, which can be found on the control panel.
  12. When you are in the game, press F1. You will see $> toggleworkscheduler in the upper left corner. You can now type in cheat commands.

If you do not see the input prompt when you press F1, you will need to check the Server.cfg file to see if your addition was overwritten.

Command List

Command Description
/help Provides you with a help menu of all the known commands.
/save (slot number 1-5) Saves the game on the chosen slot number. Be careful as it may save over another game in your dedicated server save folder.
/restart Restarts the server.
/shutdown Shuts down the server.
/ban (steam id) Bans the user.
/kick (steam id) Kicks the user.
/treeregrowmode Regrow cut down trees when sleeping. Options are treeRegrowMode on or treeRegrowMode off.
/allowbuildingdestruction Allow building destruction. Options are allowBuildingDestruction on or allowBuildingDestruction off.
/allowenemiescreative Allow enemies in creative games. Options are allowEnemiesCreativeMode on or allowEnemiesCreativeMode off.

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