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Arma 3 Exile

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Commonly asked questions relating to Arma 3 Exile Servers @

Do you allow customers to change the config files manually through text editors?

Yes we do!  Using WinSCP or similar FTP software such as Filezilla, you can right click to edit a file and save.

Does Arma 3 Exile offer a free antihack system?

Sadly Arma 3 Exile does not have a built in antihack system. You will have to purchase infistar or use a 3rd party mod to get admin abilities. Infistar charges around $40, customers would have to purchase it on their own.
 If you purchase infistar and send us the files we will be more than happy to install it free of charge.

How many admins can we add, is it limited or unlimited?

You can add as many as you want.

Can customers upload scripts and other addons found on Armaholic or is this blocked?

You have access to mod all of the files provided by the dev's on Keep in mind that many mods are outdated or require special coding that is not listed in the install instructions at times. 
Please read all instructions before attempting to do the install, <br/>as broken mods can cause issues with your working server. Armaholic mods are different than the ones on the exilemod, 
which is good to note as these at times require you to code in the required call lines yourself.

Do you have a working database backup system in place for Arma 3 Exile?

It is very easy to make a manual backup for your arma 3 server. Simply head into your control panel and click on the database IP. Once you are within the phpmyadmin area click on the ss_gameserverid link 
on the left and then click export at the top. You will be given a few options but just use the default and it will export your data in an sql format.  

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