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Rust Admin Commands

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The command console within Rust can be accessed by pressing F1 on your keyboard while logged in to your server in Rust. These commands are used to moderator and administer your server.
Note: There are an extreme amount of commands available in Rust for vanilla, and modded, in this list you will mostly see commands that have the most usability in day-to-day admin roles.

Adding Admins

To run admin commands, you must first become admin.

  1. Stop your server from the panel.
  2. Navigate to and enter your Steam name.
    "Make sure you find the correct account"
  3. After finding your Steam name, copy the value for Steam64.
  4. Using FTP, navigate to /server/experimental/cfg/users.cfg.
    "If this file does not exist, it can be created"
  5. After opening the file, type ownerid STEAM64_NUMBER.
    "STEAM64_NUMBER is the value you copied earlier".
  6. Save your changes and then restart your server.

Vanilla Rust

god <true/false>

This command is simple enough, and it's very useful in unison with noclip when investigating accusations such as cheating, to avoid dying as a result of radiation, or drowning, or from the suspected cheater killing you. On vanilla it's recommended to use this command with noclip to grant you the ability to hide underground to avoid being seen. While different entities such as wildlife, and other players, may still engage and attack you, you will be invulnerable and unable to die, be cautious to use only when absolutely necessary.


This command I'm sure most would know, but for those that don't, noclip makes you no longer affected by barriers, such as walls, or gravity for that matter. Very useful with the previously mentioned God Mode that prevents you from taking any damage, makes carrying out admin duties easier especially given that you can hide underground to spectate suspected cheaters.

teleport "name/steamid"

This command will teleport you to a specified player, it will teleport you to their sleeper if they happen to be offline.

teleport2me "name/steamid"

This command will teleport a player to you, it will teleport their sleeper to you if they happen to be offline.

kick "name/steamid" "reason-optional"

This command will kick the specified player immediately, a very inconveniencing punishment for spammers/rule breakers without banning them.

kickall "" "reason-optional"

This command will kick every connected player all at once. It does not support a primary parameter for the kick such as a name or SteamID, so if you use an open and end quote for the primary parameter, you can then use a secondary parameter to give a reason, please read the command for an example.

ban "name" "reason-optional"

This command will have the same immediate effect of the kick command but it will also prevent that player from returning.

banid "steamid" "reason-optional"

This command will have the same effect as ban but deals with the SteamID instead of the player name.

unban "name/steamid"

This command will unban a user from the server.


This command will show a list of banned players from the server, including their SteamID, their name, and the reason for the ban.


Modded Rust (Oxide)


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