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Server Settings

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To change the difficulty or other settings for your Forest server, you will need to access the configuration file via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to do so. To edit/upload/save/delete files via FTP, use the following method:

  1. Stop your server from the panel.
  2. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel. Download link for WinSCP here:
  3. Navigate to the directory you wish to upload or edit a file.
    You want to edit the Server.cfg file.
  4. Open up the file using a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++.
    If you are not familiar with configuration files, any line starting with two slashes is ignored by the program.
    // This is a comment and will not be read by a file

Server Settings

Setting Description
serverIP "" Server IP address - Note: If you have a router, this address is the internal address, and you need to configure ports forwarding
serverSteamPort "10417" Steam Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port.
serverGamePort "10415" Game Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port.
serverQueryPort "10416" Query Communication Port - Note: If you have a router you will need to open this port.
serverName "Dev Test by" Server display name
serverPlayers "20" Maximum number of players
enableVAC "on" Enable VAC (Valve Anti-cheat System at the server. Must be set off or on
serverPassword Server password. blank means no password
serverPasswordAdmin "changeme" Server administration password. blank means no password
serverSteamAccount Your Steam account name. blank means anonymous
serverAutoSaveInterval "15" Time between server auto saves in minutes - The minumum time is 15 minutes, the default time is 30
difficulty "Normal" Game difficulty mode. Must be set to Peaceful Normal or Hard
initType "Continue" New or continue a game. Must be set to New or Continue
slot "1" Slot to save the game. Must be set 1 2 3 4 or 5
showLogs "on" Show event log. Must be set off or on
serverContact "[email protected]" Contact email for server admin
veganMode "off" No enemies
vegetarianMode "off" No enemies during day time
resetHolesMode "off" Reset all structure holes when loading a save
treeRegrowMode "off" Regrow 10% of cut down trees when sleeping
allowBuildingDestruction "on" Allow building destruction
allowEnemiesCreativeMode "off" Allow enemies in creative games

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