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What is it?

DaRT is a really lightweight RCon tool designed specifically for DayZ.

The goal is to give admins more control over their server via RCon.

   Here is what it does:
   Connecting to your server via RCon 
   Showing you server console (including chat and join/leave messages) 
   Showing you player list 
   Showing you ban list 
   See what country players come from 
   Auto refresh 
   Enables you to report players to DaRTBans (read more below) 
   Creating a local player database 
   Kicking, GUID Banning, IP Banning, Offline Banning with just 2 clicks 
   Writing in global chat 
   Using console (incase you still want to enter commands) 
   Talking to players 
   Copy player informations 
   Search through players 
   Reload scripts (server-side) 
   GameTracker integration