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What is it?

DaRT is a really lightweight RCon tool designed specifically for DayZ and DayZ Standalone.

The goal is to give admins more control over their server via RCon.

   Here is what it does:
   Connecting to your server via RCon 
   Showing you server console (including chat and join/leave messages) 
   Showing you player list 
   Showing you ban list 
   See what country players come from 
   Auto refresh 
   Enables you to report players to DaRTBans (read more below) 
   Creating a local player database 
   Kicking, GUID Banning, IP Banning, Offline Banning with just 2 clicks 
   Writing in global chat 
   Using console (incase you still want to enter commands) 
   Talking to players 
   Copy player informations 
   Search through players 
   Reload scripts (server-side) 
   GameTracker integration




If you are having issues with Dart not connecting to your server please follow the below fixes

1.The first step is to make sure you have Battleye enabled on your Dayz server. For Dayz Standalone this is not the case
2.If this is enabled then you will want to head into your FTP client.
a.FTP info Click (here)
3.Once you are logged in head into /Admin/BattlEye (this is for both server types)
4.Within that directory create a bans.txt file
5.Restart the server and now test if Dart lets you connect.

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