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How to Install Valheim Plus

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How to Install or Update Valheim Plus on your Server

Installation of Valheim+ is easy with these steps.

  1. Access your game server control panel
  2. Locate the Mod dropdown box and change it from "No Mod" to "Valheim+"
  3. Val select val+.png
  4. Click on the green "Save Settings and Restart Game Server"
  5. See the below sections on how to install Valheim Plus on your client so you can connect to the server
  6. Once you are done installing, configure Valheim+ with the available Modify Valheim+ Config tool!
  7. Modify Valheim+ Config tool.png

TIPS & Tricks

  • Click the "i" icon in your control panel for more info on how to update Valheim+!

Update Valheim+.png

  • Make sure that all connecting players to your Valheim+ server have the client-side steps completed below!

How to Install or Update Valheim+ (Client-side, All Connecting Players)

Please note, every single player connecting to your Valheim server is required to follow the steps below or you will get "Incompatible Version" error.

  1. Make sure Valheim is not actively running on your computer
  2. Download the latest file from the Valheim+ GitHub releases page
  3. Val download.png
  4. Open up your Steam Library and find Valheim
  5. Val select.png
  6. Right click on Valheim and select Manage
  7. Val manage.png
  8. From within the Manage tab click Browse Local Files
  9. Val browse local files.png
  10. Open up the archive you downloaded and extract the contents directly into this directory
  11. Val install.png
  12. Congratulations, you have now installed Valheim Plus client side!

TIPS & Tricks

  • To verify that you have successfully installed Valheim+ on your computer, open up the main game screen and verify it looks like this

Valheim+ Main Menu Screen.png

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