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Path of Titans Admin Commands

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Running Server Commands

Log into your server and open the text chat in-game. Type the command you wish to use and hit the Enter button
text commands can be run in spectator mode as well.

For admin inside Path of Titans you will need to head into the game.ini file within


and add the following under the [/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession] area:


The XXXX will be replaced by your Alderon Games ID.

List of Player Commands

Command Description
/rules Displays the server rules.
/motd Displays the Message of the Day.
/respawn Kills yourself and respawns (must be alive for 5 minutes).
/mapbug Copies info to submit a map bug.

List of Admin Commands

Command Description
/weather [clear/fog/rain/storm/overcast/cloudy] Changes the weather.
/heal Heals yourself or another player.
/healall Heals everyone.
/announce Announces messages to everyone on the server.
/clearbodies Clears dead bodies serverwide.
/clear Clears current chat.
/setmarks Sets a users marks, or don’t add user to set for self. Seems to max out around 999,999,999.
/goto Takes you to a location. Locations vary by map.
/godmode Makes you invunerable from taking damage, or losing food and water.

List of Admin Player Commands

Command Description
/mute Mutes a player.
/unmute Unmutes a player.
/kick Kicks a misbehaving user.
/ban Bans users for rule breaking.
/unban Unbans user.
/bring Brings an individual user to you.
/bringall Teleports all users to you.
/teleport Teleports self or specified user to coordinates/poi/user.
/teleportall Teleports all users to specified location/poi.
/stamina Sets a users stamina.
/health Sets a users health.
/hunger Sets a users hunger.
/thirst Sets a users thirst.
/oxygen Sets a users oxygen.
/promote Promotes user to role.
/demote Removes all roles from a user.
/editquests Edits quests for a user.
/givequest Gives a user a quest.
/modattr Adds value to specified attribute [EG; /modattr health 1].
/setattr Sets value to specified attribute [EG; /setattr health 1].

List of Admin Time/Weather Commands

Command Description
/day Sets time to day.
/morning Sets time to morning.
/night Sets time to night.
/timeofday Sets time of day to morning/day/night/.

List of Admin Server MGMT Commands

Command Description
/load Loads the server.
/save Saves the server.
/restart Restarts server after X seconds.
/cancelrestart Cancels server restart.
/profileserver [start/stop] Starts server profiling (admin) [Useful to help debug things].

List of Admin random Commands

Command Description
/waterquality Sets specified water quality.
/waystonecooldown Sets current cooldown of the waystones.

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