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DB Backup and Restore Tool

This tool creates database backups of your server every 30 minutes of EVERY day for 3 days straight, and discards each backup individually at the end of 72 hour period.

    Step 1: Open your Game server control panel, scroll to the bottom left and choose the restoration point from the drop down list.
See the photo below for help.
    Step 2: Press the big green button to restore a database. IMPORTANT: This will wipe your server.cfg to a default server.cfg, please 
make a backup if you made any changes to that file

DB Restore2.png

Export and Import Databases with PhpRedisAdmin

This is a web browser database tool, that allows you to export and import your database.
This can be used as an alternative to our DB restore tool mentioned above.

    Step 1: Open your Game server control panel, and at the top/middle, click on the host IP address underneath where it says "Redis DB Details".
This will take you to a new page in the web browser. See photo 1 below for help.
    Step 2: Click the small silver export icon in the upper left corner.  See photo 2 below for help.
    Step 3: Click Export on the right, and then copy / paste all of the data into Notepad++ or Notepad. IMPORTANT: If you save a copy of the 
exported data, it will help you stay organized if you make a new folder on your computer that is labelled with the DATE of the backup,
this way you can easily restore data from a certain time or day.
    Step 4: Click the small silver Import icon in the upper left corner.  Paste the data to re-import it and click the Import button below the text box.

Photo #1:

Photo #2:



How to save copies of your modified files