Adding Admins to a Conan Exiles Server

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Getting your Admin login setup

  1. Login to your server control panel
  2. From there click on the Modify Server Config Tool in the lower right of the panel
  3. You should see an option for the Admin Password.
    1. ConanAdmin.png
  4. Enter a unique password
  5. Once you have that added in simply hit the "Save Configuration" button

Logging in as Admin

  1. Log into your server and press the Esc button on your keyboard
  2. Hit the settings button on the Esc panel
  3. Now head to the Server Settings tab at the top
  4. Hit the "Make me Admin" button and enter your admin password you setup a bit ago
  5. On the main Esc menu there should now be a working Admin button to get the tools to show up
  6. You are now logged in as admin.