How to Setup and use RCON

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With the most recent overhaul to Space Engineer's Multiplayer, a RCON tool was added to allow server admins to administer their server to some degree remotely.

Unfortunately at this time there is no readily available Rcon client to use, only the default one developed by Keen.

First you need to install the Rcon files on your local PC, these can be found here.Once those files are installed launch VRageRemoteClient.exe which can be found inside the .\Dedicated64 folder!

  1. In Remote URL enter http://SERVERS_IP_ADDRESS
  2. In Security Key enter the servers security key
  3. Can be found in the SpaceEngineer-Dedicated.cfg look for <RemoteSecurityKey>someKeyHere</RemoteSecurityKey>
     If it's not present simply add <RemoteSecurityKey>someKeyHere</RemoteSecurityKey>, replacing someKeyHere with the key you want to use!
  4. In Port, enter the Remote API Port
  5.  which can be found in the SpaceEngineer-Dedicated.cfg. Look for <RemoteApiPort>PORT</RemoteApiPort>
     If it's not present simply add <RemoteApiPort>PORT</RemoteApiPort>, replacing PORT with your servers game port +2
  6. Hit “save” then “connect”

Make sure you check your servers SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file for the following <RemoteApiEnabled>true</RemoteApiEnabled> if its not present, add it in!