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Arma 3 Epoch

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Commonly asked questions relating to Arma 3 Epoch Servers @

Do you allow customers to change the config files manually through text editors?

Yes we do!  Using WinSCP or similar FTP software, you can right click to edit a file and save.

For the free admin panel, is it infistar or the default admin tool provided by the Epoch developers?

It is the default admin panel that the A3 Epoch developers released to the public, not an infistar version.  Infistar charges around $40, customers would have to purchase it on their own.

How many admins can we add, is it limited or unlimited?

You can add as many as you want.

Can customers upload scripts and other addons found on Armaholic or is this blocked?

You have access to mod all of the files provided by the dev's on  Keep in mind that the dev's have locked down the server.pbo
(their dll checks to see if its been modified and the server wont run properly if so) but you can still modify the server_settings.pbo which 
will allow you to add mods. It will be slightly different than modding has been in the past, but community members on OpenDayZ and other 
websites will start posting guides on how to mod A3 Epoch servers soon.

Do you have a working database backup system in place for Arma 3 Epoch?

It is very easy to make a manual backup, you just have to copy / paste the dump.rdb file from the DB folder of your server's root directory.  
We will have an autoamtic DB backup tool completed within the next week ETA by Monday, December 15th.  We already have this for DayZmod, so it 
will be very easy for us to change it over to Arma 3 Epoch using a similar method that takes a backup of the redis DB dump file and displays the 
backups in a drop-down list in the game server control panel.  

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