How to: Account, Invoice, and Order Management

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On this page, there is a comprehensive list of information on managing the account's order status and financial information.

Managing auto-payment

More info coming soon!

Cancelling a server

To cancel your game server, submit a support ticket with which game server that is to be canceled. If you wish to download any saved data, you can do so by viewing the Server Saved Files page and finding out which files you need to copy down.

Changing to a new game server

Eligibility to change to a new game server is available only when your server has a certain amount of subscription time is left. Below is the breakdown of the time frame for a game server change.

Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual
As long as one month's subscription time is left.
As long as 24 days of subscription time is left.

To setup the process for a game server switch, submit a support ticket with the following information:

  1. Which game server you want to change.
  2. Which game you want to change the server to.
  3. Any subscription slot or length change.


For information on on removing all of your personal information per GDPR, please submit a support ticket to request your personal data to be deleted and we will handle this for you.