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How to: Account, Invoice, and Order Management

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On this page, there is a comprehensive list of information on managing the account's order status and financial information.

Managing auto-payment

Auto pay can be managed under My Account on the left side of your control panel. You can enable or disable auto pay. If you can not enable auto pay, you will have the option to enable after you pay your next invoice.

Cancelling a server

Check to make sure you have automatic payments disabled under My Account on the left side of your control panel. Any invoices that are generated after this point are voluntary and do not have to be paid. You will still get email reminders. If the invoices are not paid by the due date, your server will automatically cancel. If you do not want new invoices to be generated and do not want email reminders, please submit a support ticket. If you wish to download any saved data, you can do so by viewing the Server Saved Files page and finding out which files you need to download.

Changing to a new game server

To start the process for a game server change, please follow these steps.

  1. Purchase the new server that you want to play.
  2. Submit a support ticket letting us know that you purchased a new server.
  3. We will transfer over your existing time respectively to your new server and your old server will be removed.

If you want to save your data from your old server, now would be a good time. How to guides can be found here --> Server Saved Files


For information on on removing all of your personal information per GDPR, please submit a support ticket to request your personal data to be deleted and we will handle this for you.

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