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ARK: Server Clusters

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ARK Clustering refers to taking multiple servers and linking them together to allow transfer of characters, dinos, and items through the Obelisks to your other servers. Server owners can use multiple instances of the same map or different maps to allow players to transfer between ARKs and learn engrams, tame map specific dinos, or escape their tribemates.

Basic Cluster Settings

When configuring a cluster, a server owner can choose to restrict uploads or downloads for the aforementioned groups. Additionally, tribe owners can also restrict who uploads or downloads after setting up admin permissions. The following settings are as follows:

Modify Server Config

No Tribute Downloads
Disallows tribute downloads. This will prevent all uploads / downloads from working on this server.
Prevent Upload / Download Survivors
Controls the survivor downloads permissions. If players try to transfer to your server, and you prevent players from downloading survivors, they will be forced to create a new character.
Prevent Upload / Download Dinos
Controls the permissions for dino transfers. Dinos can be set to be uploaded away from the current map while preventing players from downloading dinos.
Prevent Upload Download Items
Controls the permissions for allowing the transfer of items on this server.

Advanced Launch Params

No Transfer From Filtering
This prevents players from transferring survivors, dinos, or items from servers outside of the server cluster. This can be used to keep people from using overpowered or godly dinos to keep the playing field fair.

PC Clustering

For PC server, two or more servers can be linked together as long as they share the same Cluster Code, which can be found in the control panel. Unlike PS4 servers, custom launch parameters can be used to set either game server to run on Workshop maps, such as Crystal Isles, Gaia, or Shigo Islands. Since both servers will use the same configuration settings, changing any of the permissions / restrictions on uploads or downloads will affect both at once. NOTE: There is a problem with some mods causing issues with dino transfers, such as the Classic Flyers mod. Some flyers that have additional points in speed may be lost in the transfer process.
Cluster Code.png

PS4 Clustering

For PS4 servers, two or more PS4 servers can be linked together, as long as they share the same Cluster Code, which can be found in the control panel. Multiple server owners can link the servers together, as long as the Cluster Code is identical across each. Each server can control the restrictions on whether to allow uploads, downloads, and of either survivors, dinos, or items.
Cluster Code.png

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I get a cluster server?

A: Simply order a new server and use the same Cluster Code of the cluster you wish to join in your control panel.

Q: Will I lose anything on my main server if I activate or deactivate my cluster server?

A: No. For PC servers, the cluster data is stored in a separate folder for your game server. Survivor, dino, and item data is separate between each server while allowing transfer between both. If you want to deactivate a cluster server, but keep your characters, then transfer all characters/dinos/items to your main server.

For PS4 users, each server stores their own data, so adding or removing one server from the cluster group will not affect saved data on the rest.

Q: Can I take two separate servers and put them together in a cluster for PC servers?

A: Yes. To do this, you will need to submit a support ticket with the following information listed below.
  1. Which server is to be the main server.
  2. How much saved data you want transferred over.
  3. If the number of slots / payment plan is different between servers, let us know the slot count / subscription length prior to setup.
Once we have this information, we will shut down both servers and begin the migration process for you. Once your cluster server has been merged together, we will let you know when your server is ready for use.

Q: I don't like this map for my cluster. Can I change it?

A: Yes! To do this, simply change the value for the Cluster Map option (for PCs) and click on the green button to save settings and restart game server.

Issues & Bugs

Forced to create survivor

Coming soon

Forced to create survivor

Coming soon

Unable to see cluster server

Coming soon

Tribemates can upload/download but I can't

Check the administrative permissions within your tribe and see if there are any restrictions placed by the tribe leader. If you are the tribe leader and other people can't upload/download, try creating a separate group for more trusted folks or open up permissions globally for your tribe.

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