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Arma Reforger Server Configuration

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Configuring your Arma Reforger Server

Now comes the fun part, setting up your Arma Reforger game server to your liking.

Create a new file called "server.json" in the same folder as the exe file and add the following:

 "dedicatedServerId": "ar-gm-%profilename",
 "region": "EU",
 "gameHostBindAddress": "YOUR SERVER IP",
 "gameHostBindPort": 2001,
 "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "YOUR SERVER IP",
 "gameHostRegisterPort": 2001,
 "adminPassword" : "YOUR ADMIN PASSWORD",
  "game": {
   "name": "YOUR SERVER NAME",
   "scenarioId": "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf",
    "playerCountLimit": 16,
    "visible": true,
    "password" : "YOUR SERVER PASSWORD maybe?",
    "gameMode": "",
    "supportedGameClientTypes": [
   "gameProperties": {
   "serverMaxViewDistance": 1600,
   "battleEye": true,
   "fastValidation": true
   "mods": [

This file should go directly in the main root of the folder where the exe file is located.

If you wish to change the game mode you are playing simply change the following location

"scenarioId": "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf",

With one of the following items.

{90F086877C27B6F6}Missions/99_Tutorial.conf (Tutorial)
{ECC61978EDCC2B5A}Missions/23_Campaign.conf (Conflict)
{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf (Game Master - Everon)

Once this file is setup to your liking simply run the start bat you made from the How to Create an Arma Reforger Dedicated Server

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