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Project Zomboid Admin Commands

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Running Server Commands

Press the "T" key on your keyboard while in game to open chat.

Adding Admins

Admins can be added using /setaccesslevel "username" admin in chat.
"By default, the server owner can gain admin rights by logging in to their server using the username "admin" and their RCON password, which is located in their control panel."

List Of Admin Commands

Command Description
addalltowhitelist Add all the current users who are connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected.
additem Give an item to a player. If no username is given then you will receive item. Count is optional. Use: /additem \"username\" \"module.item\" count, ex : /additem \"rj\" \"Base.Axe\" count.
additem Use this command to add a new user to a whitelisted server. Use: /adduser \"username\" \"pwd\"
addusertowhitelist Use this command to add a new user to a whitelisted server. Add a user connected with a password to the whitelist, so their account is protected. Use: /addusertowhitelist \"username\"
addvehicle Spawn a vehicle. Use: /addvehicle \"script\" \"user or x,y,z\", ex /addvehicle \"Base.VanAmbulance\" \"rj\"
addxp Give experience points to a player. Use: /addxp \"playername\" perkname=xp, ex /addxp \"rj\" Woodwork=2
alarm Give experience points to a player. Sound a building alarm at the Admin's position. (Must be in a room.)
banid Ban a SteamID. Use: /banid SteamID
banuser Ban a user. Add a -ip to also ban the IP. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the ban. Use: /banuser \"username\" -ip -r \"reason\". For example: /banuser \"rj\" -ip -r \"spawn kill\"
changeoption Change a server option. Use: /changeoption optionName \"newValue\"
chopper Place a helicopter event on a random player.
createhorde Spawn a horde near a player. Use : /createhorde count \"username\", ex /createhorde 150 \"rj\", username is optional except from the server console.
createhorde2 UI_ServerOptionDesc_CreateHorde2
godmod Make a player invincible. If no username is set, then you will become invincible. Use: /godmode \"username\" -value, ex /godmode \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
gunshot Place gunshot sounds on a random player.
help Provides a list of commands and info.
invisible Make a player invisible to zombies. If no username is set then you will become invisible. Use: /invisible \"username\" -value, ex /invisible \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
kickuser Kick a user. Add a -r \"reason\" to specify a reason for the kick. Use: /kickuser \"username\" -r \"reason\"
noclip Makes a player pass through walls and structures. Toggles with no value. Use: /noclip \"username\" -value, ex /noclip \"rj\" -true (could be -false)
players List all connected players.
quit Save and quit the server.
releasesafehouse Release a safehouse you own. Use: /safehouse release
reloadlua Reload a Lua script. Use: /reloadlua \"filename\"
reloadoptions Reload server options (ServerOptions.ini) and send to the clients
removeuserfromwhitelist Remove a user from the whitelist. Use: /removeuserfromwhitelist \"username\"
removezombies UI_ServerOptionDesc_RemoveZombies
replay -play|-stop filename. Example: /replay user1 -record stadion.bin
save Save the current world.
sendpulse Toggle sending server performance info to this client. Use: /sendpulse
servermsg Broadcast a message to all connected players. Use: /servermsg my message !
setaccesslevel Set access level of a player. Current levels: admin, moderator, overseer, gm, observer. Use: /setaccesslevel \"username\" \"accesslevel\", ex: /setaccesslevel \"rj\" \"moderator\"
showoptions Show the list of current server options and values.
startrain Start rain on the server.
stoprain Stop rain on the server.
teleport Teleport to a player. Once teleported, wait two seconds for map to appear. Use: /teleport \"playername\" or /teleport \"player1\" \"player2\", ex /teleport \"rj\" or /teleport \"rj\" \"toUser\"
teleportto Teleport to coordinates. Use: /teleportto x,y,z, ex /teleportto 100098,189980,0
unbanid Unban a SteamID. Use: /unbanid SteamID
unbanuser Unban a player. Use : /unbanuser \"username\"
voiceban Block voice from user \"username\". Use : /voiceban \"username\" -value, ex /voiceban \"rj\" -true (could be -false)

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