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Valheim Admin Commands

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To gain access to the in-game admin commands, whitelist your Steam UID in the control panel.

In order to enable admins, find your Steam 64bit UID and then add it to the Admin UID box on the control panel:

Add a Valheim Admin

Renting a Valheim server (see example control panel below!)

Control panel.gif
Valheim game server.png

Commands can be executed by Valheim admins via the in game command console by pressing F5 while logged in to your game server

Below is a list of current commands that can be run in game. In order to execute the commands make sure to have an / at the start.

Admin Commands
Command Description
help Shows a list of the available commands
kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks the user matching criteria
ban[name/ip/userID] Bans the user matching criteria
unban[name/ip/userID] Unban the user matching criteria
banned Shows a complete listing of banned users
save Saves world (Save interval can be changed in your control panel under "Advanced Launch Params")
ping Sends a ping to the server to get your latency
lodbias [number] Set distance LOD bias. If empty it shows actual lodbias. Default 1.5
info Print system info

As far as server admin commands go, that's it. There are additional commands in the single player variant of Valheim (using the imacheater command) but these unfortunately do not work server side quite yet.


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