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  •  Altis Life, Wasteland, Dead Nation

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NEW! Custom Game Server Control Panel

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Mod Installation Service

Have us install custom mods, scripts, and addons on your DayZ game server.


Featured Game Server Rentals

Arma 3


  • 01Altis Life
  • 02Wasteland 0.9g Altis
  • 03Wasteland 0.9g Stratis
  • 04Dead Nation 1.9.6
  • 05Custom control panel
  • 06BEC
  • 07Custom launch parameters
  • 08Database backup & restore
  • 09Full FTP access
  • 10Easy PBO uploads
  • 11Automated server restarts
  • 12Change time zone
  • 13Always day/night
  • 14Passlocking allowed
  • 15phpMyAdmin database access
  • 163 Days of 30 min DB backups
  • Hosted on Private Hives

DayZ Mod


  • 01DayZ Mod 1.8.1
  • 02Epoch (7 maps)
  • 03Overpoch (2 maps)
  • 04Overwatch 0.2.5
  • 05DayZ Unleashed 0.96
  • 06Custom control panel
  • 07BEC
  • 08Custom launch parameters
  • 09Database Backup & Restore
  • 10Full FTP access
  • 11Easy PBO uploads
  • 12Automated server restarts
  • 13Change time zone
  • 14Always day/night
  • 15Passlocking allowed
  • 16phpMyAdmin - database access
  • 173 Days of 30 min DB backups
  • Hosted on Private Hives



Survival Servers Game Server Hosting Features

  • Get Help by Contacting us Directly

    Got a question? Create a support ticket and we'll get on it. We generally respond within 12-24 hours. Complex issues may take extra time.

  • Access our Community Forums

    For general help, tutorials, and answers to frequently asked questions, check out our community forum. We have an active community ready to help.

  • Server Setup Time

    DayZ Private Hive (DayZMod, Epoch, Unleashed, Overwatch) servers are setup instantly. All other servers are manually setup within 12-24 hours - we'll configure it and send you a welcome email.

  • In-House Game Server Panel

    Enjoy easy server changes with our in-house game server panel. Change maps, location, settings, all in one easy tool.