Seattle Game Server Hosting

Test One of Our DDoS Protected Seattle Game Servers

You can join one of our demonstration game servers hosted in Seattle below.

Game Name Host Name IP:Port Players
Arma 2 BSBS PVE Epoch|Missions|Roamers|Custom Content /50
Arma 2 DayZ Chernarus - ( Customer Game Server /50
Arma 3 %MOD% - (1.0.4) Moonland /20
Unturned Customer Game Server /12
Rust Obsidian Worlds : Monthly wipe, Active and friendly Admin /75
Rust 1-[CAN/AB]-Open world Mature players /50
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) Kina's Raiders /10
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) =Obsidia= 5xALL * Friendly * Helpful /40
7 Days to Die Vansplanet 7DTD /20
7 Days to Die Fellowship of the Apocalypse /10
Conan Exiles Gathering Storm /10
Conan Exiles ExileLands /20
Minecraft Ninja Kitty Assassins /80
Minecraft House of the Mouse /10
Dark and Light Unknown Hostname /30
Dark and Light Unknown Hostname /10
Citadel: Forged With Fire Unknown Hostname /40
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) Syoko's Mad World /20
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) Arachnia /10
Stationeers Space Thingy 001 /10
The Forest Pegcomtheforest3 /10
The Forest The Cult /20
Eco Everyone Welcome, 60 day meteor /40
Eco MeteorvilleTESTING /30
Space Engineers BuzzedBear /10
Space Engineers Mooleys Server /10
Rend Dev /30
Insurgency: Sandstorm Insurgency Dev Test /16
DayZ DayZ Destruction /50
DayZ GOML: Surviving Chernarus. /30
Atlas Poseidon's Playground /15
Atlas Port Royal /10
Heat America Dev Test /30
Miscreated Memoirs of the West WHITELIST /10
Miscreated Loki's Den /10
Rune 2 Owners Manual /6
Day of Dragons Rent a Day of Dragons Server /20

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