France Game Server Hosting

Test One of Our DDoS Protected France Game Servers

You can join one of our demonstration game servers hosted in France below.

Game Name Host Name IP:Port Players
Arma 2 DayZ Chernarus - (1.9/131129) WHO IS? /50
Arma 2 DJ_DayZ_PVP_PVE_No_Rules_Use_DayZ_Launcher /50
Arma 3 NBD New server IP: /50
Arma 3 [FR] Lumberjack - Exile 1.0.4. - 200k/25k Start - Militarized /60
Unturned Eng MrWolf PvP server. Airdrops and fun events /12
Rust Rusty Raiders EU|Nearly vanilla|events| /50
Reign of Kings Customer Game Server /10
Reign of Kings Build & Burn! /10
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) Reaper /10
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) KillaCam-GrandpaPruitt-Theisland w/Pugnacia Dino /10
Hurtworld [PT] MoscaZombie /30
Hurtworld Customer Game Server /10
7 Days to Die Wolfpack /16
7 Days to Die Fellowship of Death - PVP [EU] /34
Conan Exiles PORTUGAL EXILE / X4 #PT /40
Conan Exiles La Maison du Chaos /20
Minecraft DW Vanilla /10
Minecraft Customer Game Server /10
Dark and Light Unknown Hostname /50
Dark and Light Unknown Hostname /30
Citadel: Forged With Fire Unknown Hostname /40
Citadel: Forged With Fire Unknown Hostname /40
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) Mirogan's server /10
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) Guardians boosted 5xp /20
Ylands escohouse /8
The Forest Bahuru servas /10
The Forest Kurerer Gruff /10
Eco (FR) DreamsNetwork /20
Eco FR - Nagoya (Discord: /20
PixARK Ghome /10
PixARK Dexter World /10

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