Germany Game Server Hosting

Test One of Our DDoS Protected Germany Game Servers

You can join one of our demonstration game servers hosted in Germany below.

Game Name Host Name IP:Port Players
Rust TheRapidElites |Battlefield |x1000000|Loot+|Kits|PvP|Raid /50
Rust EU 22/1 3x Solo/Duo/Trio|Loot+|JUSTWIPED /50
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) The Nomads /10
ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) HUNor ark server /40
7 Days to Die The ZomBest Server /10
7 Days to Die Langgaard /10
Conan Exiles !!(EU/NL)FUNSERVER(NEW) /10
Conan Exiles Ancient Thera /10
Minecraft Ã…rgang11Vestjylland /40
Minecraft CCNG server non cheat /40
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) SPARTA /30
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) [UK] 24/7 - Boost: 7xEXP/3xHarv/12xTame /20
Eco Birkenland /10
Eco Halaworld /30
PixARK Pitch Black[DE][XP2][H5][T20][B30][Dino300/Plyr150]PVE /20
Space Engineers Apollo 13 /10
Space Engineers 4thIB /10
SCUM TeamRainbow /10
SCUM bastoy /10
DayZ DayZ Hunnia /20
DayZ King of Namalsk /40
Miscreated Port Patrik 1a /10

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