Frequently Asked Questions

We accept credits cards and PayPal. You must be 18 or older to rent.

All orders over $100 are verified via telephone call with the card holder for verification.

Game servers are hosted on, at minimum, the following specifications:

  • Dual CPU Xeon processors
  • Latest generation DDR4 memory
  • SSD drives
  • Gigabit uplink & connectivity
  • DDoS Protection (select locations)

Please create a support ticket if no welcome e-mail is received 30 minutes after ordering.

Occasionally, our software may need additional verification from the payment process or there may have been a technical issue.

Please remain patient and we will compensate you if the problem lies on our end.

All support tickets are responded within 12-24 hours maximum. Most responses within just a few hours except when there is high demand or the issue is complex and not easily solvable.

It is important to note that you should not bump your support ticket with responses inquiring about responding. You are effectively moving your support ticket to the end of the line. We reply in order of last customer response.

Our team is working hard to improve response time. We understand the importance for a quick response.

You may switch locations at any time using our control panel by selecting the location from the drop down.

Please note that if you switch locations, your server data may not transfer over. Follow all instructions listed in the control panel to ensure a smooth transition.

Mod work is finished within 48 hours from the time of order (or phone verification for larger orders).

Please submit a support ticket and inquire within. We are glad to research and apply mods if they are within the scope of our paid mod install service.

We charge a flat fee of 30% of the original price of the mods being transferred and/or upgraded versions.

If you are interested, please submit a support ticket with detailed information.

In your game server is located within our select DDoS protected locations, nothing. You will be able to play as usual. * This is subject to the limitations of the DDoS protection which are in place at each of the DDoS Protected locations. Inquire via support ticket to learn more.

If your game server is located in one of our unprotected locations, the affected IP address will be null routed automatically by our DDoS detection software. The null route will be lifted after a period of time and/or when the attack is stopped.

Determining the root cause of lag is generally something handled via support ticket, but some of the time you can check a few things on your own.

If you have done any advanced customization to your server such as installing third party mods/scripts, you may want to roll back to our default versions.

Lag is usually server side - but you could check your game settings to see if anything has been changed locally on your computer or within your game.

If you are unable to determine the cause of lag using these debug steps, please submit a support ticket.

If you are located farther away from the location that your game server is on, you may experience slightly higher latency/ping.

It is recommended to choose a location that is within 500 miles of your home so that you get the best gaming experience.

Latency greater than 150 is cause for concern. Please contact us via support ticket if you have any further questions.

We only support the games, mods and maps listed on our order form.

If you are interested in hosting a game server with something else, you can manually install using FTP and our "Custom Launch Parameter" feature within our control panel.

It is possible for us to install these for you as well for a fee. Please inquire via support ticket if interested.

We only support the games, mods and maps listed on our order form.

If you are interested in a game that is not on the list, please create a support ticket and let us know!

Please reach out to us, we always try to be reasonable!

If you are absolutely not satisfied with your service in the first 72 hours, we'll gladly refund your purchase.

Enable or disable automatic payments to cancel your game server. Invoice emails will still generate but they can be safely ignored and your service will automatically cancel some days after the original due date. If you do not wish to receive invoice reminder emails, please submit a support ticket and we will gladly flag your game service for no future emails and it will terminate as usual at the end of it’s current billing cycle.

Instantly deploy a game server

You will quickly be redirected to manage your game server after payment.